Corporate Profile

No doubt about it our country knows as an over populated country of the World. We have needs, but it fails to reach the demands for various reasons. The main reason we can say undoubtly is the rapid growth of population. Now-a-days people are concerned about their shelter. Everyone wants to be under the shelter of urban area, which is crucial to-day.

Demand is a need, which is backed by purchasing power. Demand is determined by different income and taste level. This is a fact in our society, which is governed by market economy. Technologies change the whole world’s Due to technological advancement, consumer taste is changing making everyone’s dream true and it is not impossible to day because of technological changes. People want to construct their ideas by the help of technologies through Engineering, design & Construction Companies.

Real Estate Companies of Bangladesh operate by private sector work to met peoples demand for last 32 yrs. This proud sector of ours has developer rapidly without an investment successfully & these national entrepreneurs are making the countries peoples true with faith and cooperation

Bil-Tec Development Company started its journey in 2008. Rapidly growing row, this company’s aim is to provide world class home with world class facilities.

Within sort time we have made our platform by honesty. It is not easy to establish successfully in a competitive sector. But we have successfully done it with our customer because our customer knows that we closely work with them.

Bil-Tec is a unique team of professional service to the values clients in both public & private sector at home. Bil-Tec enjoys the benefit of associated companies, which enhance Bil-Tec’s capabilities in terms of technical and financial support as well as logistics. Everyday we are developing by continuous support from all our well wishers, customers, staff, and colleagues for making people dream a reality.